Technology in the Insurance Industry
As technology has advanced, many believed insurance agents’ role in the sales process would diminish, given the widespread shift toward independent online shopping. But a recent 2022 Homeowners Insurance Preparedness Report shows that nearly 65% of Americans remain uncertain about their home insurance coverage. This uncertainty, combined with a fluctuating market and extreme weather patterns across many states, has led more consumers to seek guidance from trusted experts. Simultaneously, consumers are taking advantage of the innovative technologies offered by insurance companies to make informed decisions.

Technology at Goosehead
Goosehead Insurance’s steadfast dedication to advancing technology has revolutionized the insurance industry and provided agents with a unique advantage in a competitive market. Armed with cutting-edge tools and data-driven solutions, Goosehead equips franchise owners with programs years ahead of their competitors and empowers agents to make informed decisions more efficiently and precisely. Explore the technology offered below.

Advanced Comparative Rater
Goosehead developed its state-of-the-art comparative rater, Aviator, to simplify the quoting process for franchise owners. What used to be a time-consuming data entry task has accelerated to enable Goosehead agents to produce quotes up to 80% faster. Aviator's advanced customization features and data-driven insights facilitate seamless carrier comparisons, empowering agents to make optimal policy selections for their clients.

Referral Partner Search Tool
The Referral Partner Search Tool is an exclusive lead generation resource. This proprietary technology offers a substantial advantage over competitors, allowing agents to seamlessly identify and engage with optimal referral partners in the real estate industry through an intuitive and user-friendly interface. This tool efficiently streamlines the referral process, providing agents with the capability to strategically and effortlessly cultivate valuable connections.

Proprietary Digital Agent
Acknowledging diverse client preferences, Goosehead created the Digital Agent, a client-facing quoting platform fueled by agent-generated data. With as little as three data points, clients can receive real-time quotes and optimal pricing in less than two minutes. The system efficiently channels these leads to franchise owners through personalized links, ensuring a seamless experience while also delivering expert advice to clients for their insurance needs.

Marketing Tools
Technology offerings expand further into online marketing, which helps drive leads and existing clients your way. Goosehead offers the platforms agents need to start a business, including a website and social media business pages, equipped with search engine optimization and customer review capabilities to boost your visibility online. Additionally, the dedicated email marketing team sends branded emails to clients educating them on their portfolios, encouraging them to cross-sell and bundle, and keeping them informed on major milestones, events and policy needs.

Final Note
Stay ahead of the game in the ever-changing insurance industry by embracing technology. With its strong track record and dedication to cutting-edge technology, Goosehead Insurance offers an exciting franchise opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to be at the forefront of innovation. Connect with us today to learn more.

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