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Goosehead Insurance Franchise Technology & Lead Generation

Unlock New Possibilities Through Goosehead's Technology

Goosehead's unwavering dedication to advanced technology has revolutionized the insurance landscape, offering our agents a distinct edge in the progressively competitive market. By equipping agents with cutting-edge tools and data-driven solutions, we enable them to make more informed decisions with increased efficiency and precision.

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Soaring above our competition

Referral Partner Search Tool

Leveraging our state-of-the-art Referral Partner Database, our agents can effortlessly pinpoint and engage the ideal referral partners through a few simple clicks. This innovative platform offers a comprehensive collection of key industry contacts, encompassing: 

  • Loan Officers 
  • Buyer's Realtors 
  • Seller's Realtors 
  • Construction Firms 
  • Title Agencies 
  • Mortgage Institutions 

By integrating cutting-edge technology, our database streamlines the referral process and empowers agents to forge valuable connections within the sector. 

Harnessing the technological prowess of our advanced comparative rater, Aviator, agents can now experience unprecedented efficiency and accuracy in selling policies. Aviator's sophisticated customization options and data-driven insights enable seamless carrier comparisons, providing agents with optimal policy selections for their clients. To discover more about how Aviator is revolutionizing the insurance industry through innovative technology, connect with our expert team today.
Digital Agent
Introducing our cutting-edge client-facing, Digital Agent tool, designed to provide clients with a seamless market exploration experience while maintaining their relationship with their current Goosehead agent. Utilizing advanced technology, clients can obtain quotes in under two minutes, simultaneously notifying you of the new lead. Experience the power of our innovative Digital Agent firsthand.
Goosehead & Salesforce
In collaboration with Salesforce, we have integrated best-in-class technology to elevate our agents performance. This powerful partnership grants agents access to dynamic analytics dashboards that display real-time updates on crucial performance indicators, such as pipeline progress, lead conversions, and policies sold. By automating data analysis, our agents can concentrate on cultivating valuable relationships with referral partners, maximizing their productivity and impact in the industry.


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