Jeremy found Goosehead Insurance when the Asset Management company he was working for was acquired and headed for layoffs. Heading into the COVID-19 pandemic, he began searching for a recession-proof business.

Ready to be his own boss and gain stability, Jeremy was considering three other franchise opportunities before Goosehead. He liked the low cost to entry, high upside potential, and consistent investment by Goosehead into their franchise channel. However, the final push was when he called fifty agents around the country and got nothing but positive feedback. It was then he knew the opportunity was for him.

The speed with which Jeremy’s agency has grown has surpassed his expectations, and his long-term goal is to be the largest agency in his state with the highest premium. With 17 years in a corporate environment, he’s never seen a company invest so much in its workforce’s success through providing resources and best practices in the interest of advancement. The role of the agent is not disappearing, and insurance companies like Goosehead understand this.

“Invest in yourself. Don’t let lack of insurance knowledge be a barrier to you. If you can do the hard work to build your book, you will be in charge of your own future.”

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