According to VetFran, veterans account for 7% of the United States population. In comparison, a staggering 14% of all US franchise owners are veterans—for good reason. Franchisors are seeking individuals who can work within their defined systems, and veterans have proven to do just that as franchisees, making them uniquely qualified for franchise ownership following their time in the military.

What are the most coveted skills veterans possess? Let’s explore these further.

Servicemen and servicewomen are goal-oriented and committed to a bigger cause.
Veterans are the shining examples of team players who thrive as franchise owners working under a bigger umbrella. Franchises want a collective brand identity and a unified approach to business. Veterans, who are accustomed to putting the mission first, understand the value of a shared vision, which is vital for any franchise's reputation and growth. They're highly competent at setting realistic goals and achieving them.

Veterans are natural leaders.
Leadership is a trait veterans learn, as they are trained to lead by example and inspire their teams through tough situations. These qualities translate into running a successful business, like a franchise, where the ability to motivate staff and lead a customer-centric business is paramount. Veteran franchise owners often excel at building strong teams that are committed to achieving business goals.

Military personnel are no strangers to hard work.
Veterans develop resilience and strategic thinking through military service, and managing tough situations is one of the key qualities franchisors are looking for. They’re equipped to handle competitive pressures and market fluctuations with a composed and calculated approach, ensuring longevity for their franchise.

Veterans can follow established systems.
While franchisees are the key decision-makers for their businesses, they usually decide to franchise because of the advantages that a proven business model can offer. Franchisees benefit from an established and well-known brand, back office functions, and a network of expertly trained individuals who can help support military franchise owners in their business ownership. Franchisors are looking for individuals who can work within the boundaries of their systems. With veterans’ strong organizational skills and ability to follow rules, they’re attractive candidates.

A Q&A with Sergeant Tim McMullin
We sat down with Veteran and Goosehead Agency Owner Tim McMullin to learn more about his time in the Army and how it has directly impacted his success in owning a small business.

Hi Tim. You’re a massively successful agency owner with Goosehead and also an Army Veteran. Please tell us more about your time in the military.
At the age of 18, I made the decision to enlist in the Army with the goal of pursuing my college education concurrently. During my six-year tenure in Germany, I undertook two deployments to Bosnia—first, to Tuzla and then to Sarajevo—as part of a NATO contingent overseeing logistical operations. Upon completing my military service in June 1999, I also successfully completed my bachelor's degree just six months later.

What are you most proud of after serving in the military?
The journey has been filled with countless milestones, from completing rigorous training to earning promotions and awards. Each challenge demanded thought, energy, and perseverance. I took great pride in being one of a few who achieved the rank of sergeant at the age of 21. More importantly, I am most proud of the relationships I've forged along the way, which continue to this day.

What did your career look like post-military?
Drawing upon my military background in logistics, I seamlessly transitioned into the corporate world, where I spent 17 years advancing my career up to senior-level positions. However, recognizing the potential in the insurance industry, I made a decisive shift to join Goosehead, leveraging my skills and experiences to embark on a new journey.

Why did you decide to open a franchise?
After a year of research into various franchise opportunities while gaining industry experience at State Farm, I explored both captive and independent carriers. Ultimately, I selected Goosehead due to its diverse range of carrier options, strong service focus, and the untapped income potential inherent in Goosehead’s sales model. I'm thrilled with my decision and the remarkable results we’ve achieved in such a short period.

What skills that you gained from your time in the Army have also contributed to your success as a franchise owner?
Pursuing goals with determination has been ingrained in me since my early military days. Whether facing physical, educational, or mental challenges, there's no room for hesitation. Maintaining a positive attitude is paramount when striving for causes larger than oneself. Lastly, grit and determination are crucial; every soldier has encountered obstacles and found ways to overcome them.

What has made you successful during your time owning an insurance franchise?
I've always maintained a long-term mindset, recognizing that building a career in insurance takes time compared to other industries. However, I view insurance as a reliable, long-term income solution, offering stability once established. Drawing upon the skillsets acquired during my military service, I've been able to expedite my growth and achieve success as a franchise owner in this field.

What is your biggest career accomplishment?
As a business owner, providing career opportunities to others is my way of giving back, and I measure success by how effectively I can help individuals reach their goals.

What advice would you give to other veterans looking to own their own businesses?
Soak up knowledge like a sponge, remain adaptable like a rubber band, and maintain persistence in your interactions.

For veterans contemplating the next step after service, franchise ownership presents a compelling avenue that offers a renewed purpose in the civilian workforce. The traits honed in service—adherence to systems, dedication to a cause, leadership, crisis management, and a robust work ethic—are the trademarks of a successful franchise owner.

At Goosehead Insurance, about 5% of our franchise owners have self-identified as veterans. Reach out to our franchise development team today to learn if franchising with Goosehead is right for you.

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