Kevin Torcia, located in Virgian Beach, VA, worked for a captive insurance agency where he spent all day as a workhorse on the phone, but he wanted to focus more on selling and ideating. He launched his Goosehead franchise in February 2020 and thrived despite a global pandemic.

With ten years of insurance sales under his belt, Kevin knew the ins and outs of selling policies, but he felt he could do better than the template his captive agency had set up for him. After switching to an independent model, he has grown bigger than he could have imagined by tapping into new sales techniques like working with referral partners.

Kevin can also attribute his success to a positive mindset and has found that business partners will pay better attention when you can differentiate yourself to meet their needs. Offering an expansive network, more advanced technology, and a better process than your competitors can help you stand out when the market ebbs and flows. Kevin strives to be proactive in reaching out to his built-in network of other insurance agents, and he hopes to pay it forward.

“Building relationships comes first and selling insurance comes second. Most of the time when I’m messaging potential partners, I’m not even talking about insurance. If you keep your sales pitches simple and genuine, it’s hard to lose.” – Kevin’s outlook on his sales approach.

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