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Michael Kiefer

License #: 0M63295
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About Michael
I am an agent with Goosehead Insurance located in Chula Vista, CA. I joined Goosehead because of my unwavering commitment to take care of my clients. Using cutting edge technology to shop with dozens of "A" rated insurance companies in just a few short minutes, I am able to find the right coverage at a competitive price. I take the time to review all of the options and customize a policy based on the unique risks and desires of each client. After finalizing an option, I am backed by a service team that has the highest client loyalty rating in the industry. Request a quote from me and you will quickly understand why Goosehead is one of the fastest growing distributors of home and auto insurance in the United States.
States Licensed In: CA, OH, AK
2560 Catamaran Way, Suite 10
Chula Vista, CA 91913
Languages spoken:
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You probably looked at several houses before you found the right fit; why not look at home insurance the same way? Goosehead does the looking for you, and finds the policy that fits your needs and budget, without compromising coverage.
It seems like there’s as many car insurance companies out there as there are cars. Lucky for you, Goosehead looks under the hood of all those policies to find the right coverage for you and your ride. Think of us as your roadmap to better protection and better rates.
Having the right amount of protection in case of flooding is important. That’s why our Goosehead experts will do all the research for you. We’ll compare dozens of plans and choose what’s best for your residence, and your budget.
Sure, you may not own the building. But you own what’s in it. If a fire or disaster would cause a major setback, take a close look at renters insurance. Better yet, let us do it for you. We’ve evaluated products from dozens of the most respected insurance companies to help you home in on the right policy.
From an insurance standpoint, high rises, townhomes and condos can be, well, a little different. HOAs cover some parts of the property, leaving other areas up to you. We can help you find a policy that provides the coverage you need — at rates you’ll feel right at home with.
A rental property isn’t the same as a primary residence. Without proper protection, a landlord might be personally liable for damages from accidents or other events. We can help you determine the right coverage for your rental properties and compare rental property insurance quotes so you can operate with total peace of mind.
Driving a motorcycle is all about freedom. Speaking of freedom, there’s no need for you to spend end less hours of your free time comparing insurance plans. Comparing the best motorcycle policies from the best insurance companies to get you protected the way you should be protected, at the price you deserve.
Chances are you bought a boat for a little rest and relaxation. Goosehead makes shopping for boat insurance just as relaxing. Our expert agents will shop dozens of policies and find you the right protection, at the right price, that will really float your boat.
Your RV lets you escape to the open road. And with Goosehead, you can escape the usual time commitment of buying insurance. Our expert agents do the research for you, comparing dozens of policies and choosing the right protection for you and your home on wheels, all at the price you deserve.
As the saying goes, life happens. But sometimes it happens in ways we don’t expect. For all the great times, and the more difficult times, Goosehead can be there to make sure you and your family are prepared, and protected. If something happens to you, the right coverage will ensure your family is financially secure and well taken care of in your absence.
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Umbrella Insurance 101
Umbrella insurance goes beyond your normal limits of liability to protect you and your family in the event of a sudden and serious situation. Relatively cheap, umbrella policies can offer additional coverage for things like injuries to others, legal fees and litigation, excessive property damage, and other personal liability situations.
Homeowners Insurance 101
You found a property you love, you managed to save a down payment, and you got approved by a lender. Now you need to find a homeowners insurance policy that meets your needs, but how do you know if a policy is the right one for you?
Auto Insurance 101
Most states require you to carry auto insurance. But how do you know if you have enough? A basic understanding will equip you with the knowledge you need to make smarter decisions when selecting your auto insurance policy. Let’s get started! 
Water Coverages Explained
Four different types of water coverage may or may not be part of your home insurance policy. Let’s look at how they could help better protect you and your family from financial burden due to various causes of water damage to your home.
Recent Reviews
Total Agency Reviews 192
star star star star star
Chelsea B., May, 17 2024
Michael Keifer saved us a TON of money without decreasing coverage. Extremely helpful from home to jewelry coverage.
star star star star star
Dylan B., May, 17 2024
Michael Kiefer was communicative, helpful and quick with responses. I will definitely recommend him to anyone to asks!
star star star star star
Bhargav R., May, 08 2024
Excellent service by Michael. On top of the task and gets back to you very quickly. Michael is very pleasant and the ease of doing business with him is what will make me move other insurances to him as well
star star star star star
Roberto C., May, 02 2024
star star star star star
Mark F., May, 01 2024
Professionalism of my agent.
star star star star star
Kevin C., May, 01 2024
Michaels communication and timely responses to emails & questions.
star star star star star
Maricela R., Apr, 26 2024
Efficient, stress free, fast and thorough. These are things all people appreciate when conducting business and that's what Michael provides. Thank you.
star star star star star
Jacob Z., Apr, 22 2024
Michael is amazing. Super helpful and knowledgeable
star star star star star
Abbi D., Apr, 21 2024
Super helpful!
star star star star star
Jack A., Apr, 18 2024
Michael is extremely knowledgable and takes the time to explain things in a way that sticks. 11/10, completely happy with this service.
star star star star star
Howard P., Apr, 12 2024
After 35 years with Farmer's Insurance. and zero claims, we got a Notice of Noon-Renewal!! Michael Kiefer helped me find insurance coverage for our home. I think that what we got is adequate coverage, but at a "premium" price. Hopefully California will get their act together and we can get better pricing down the road.
star star star star star
Denise H., Apr, 02 2024
Michael is fantastic! I appreciate how he helped me understand each part of the policy in detail and gave me confidence that the policy we chose was going to cover us well without breaking the bank.
star star star star star
Olga R., Mar, 30 2024
Great experience with Michael. 5 start service!!!
star star star star star
Robert M., Mar, 29 2024
coverage and the Agent Michael Kiefer
star star star star star
Hugo Q., Mar, 19 2024
Service from Agent
star star star star star
Jessica F., Mar, 19 2024
Michael was amazing to work with. He was so so kind and communicative. I really felt supported throughout this process. We will definitely recommend Goosehead Insurance to others in our network.
star star star star star
Rachael P., Mar, 14 2024
Mike was sooooo helpful!!! He was the main reason I went with Goosehead.
star star star star star
Timothy F., Feb, 29 2024
Michael was thorough and provided excellent customer care during the entire process. Super happy!
star star star star star
William J., Feb, 26 2024
Michael Kiefer provided amazing customer service. We had a tough situation and he remained patient until her found a carrier for our needs. He gave us all our options so we could make the best decision.
star star star star star
Heriberto I., Feb, 24 2024
prompt and quality of customer service
star star star star star
Nicolaus H., Feb, 12 2024
Michael was very thorough. He understood the variations and details of my insurance policy, and was able to convey those details very clearly to me. I appreciate the patience and care with which he handled our whole process.
star star star star star
James P., Feb, 10 2024
Michael Kiefer was very informative and professional!! Great agent
star star star star star
Angela T., Feb, 05 2024
Michael was very responsive, kind and patient. Looking forward to working with him for a long time.
star star star star star
Ben A., Feb, 01 2024
Michael did an excellent job explaining the process. Appreciated his transparency and honesty in attaining quotes and why he recommended electing certain coverages. Was also interesting to hear about some of the changes in the industry. Felt like an Insurance 101 class I wished I had taken several semesters ago.
star star star star star
Marilyn S., Jan, 25 2024
How personable, calm ,and informative Mike Kiefer was in our interactions. He was patient in explaining options and followed up appropriately to be sure I was satisfied and clear about my options
star star star star star
Merritt C., Jan, 25 2024
Agent was responsive and did all the hard work finding a company that met my needs. In todays market of insurance companies fleeing California and the difficulty acquiring policies, he made the process easy and seamless.
star star star star star
Donald P., Dec, 27 2023
Great customer service and thorough communication. Michael was with me throughout the whole process and ensured I had an understanding of everything. Michael made himself available at all times and was very thorough explaining the process.
star star star star star
Jose A., Dec, 18 2023
His prompt and helpful response, knowledgeable and professional service.
star star star star star
Jessica L., Nov, 28 2023
the person I dealt with- Michael Keifer went above and beyond. He was always courteous, professional, and timely.
star star star star star
Joyce M., Nov, 02 2023
Not sure
star star star star star
Saylee J., Oct, 24 2023
Michel Kiefer
star star star star star
Mark S., Oct, 23 2023
Michael's diligence and work ethic.
star star star star star
Melanie Y., Oct, 18 2023
Michael was very patient and reassuring as he explained EVERYTHING in regards purchasing home insurance for a high risk home. I received a comparable quote from another broker however, because Michael initiated the phone call to introduce himself and review our needs we decided to go with him.
star star star star star
Allen G., Sep, 29 2023
Very good customer interaction.
star star star star star
Randall L., Aug, 31 2023
Agent. Michael Kifier . Professional, knowledgeable and personable. Great combination.
star star star star star
Raul P., Aug, 11 2023
Michael is the best!
star star star star star
Tia M., Aug, 11 2023
Michael has been such a great person to work with. He went over the details with me multiple times and was always in communication with me.
star star star star star
Jose R., Aug, 02 2023
Goosehead insurance needs to prove how good they are.
star star star star star
Saundra A., Jul, 27 2023
Professionalism, helpfulness, knowledge of various insurance companies and willing to point out the pros and cons of each company. My questions were answered confidently and informatively.
star star star star star
Andrew D., Jul, 15 2023
Personable, knowledgeable, careful
star star star star star
Franchelle J., Jul, 08 2023
I appreciate that Michael is very knowledgeable and professional. I felt that he offered as many solutions as he could.
star star star star star
David S., Jun, 25 2023
Michael gave us a ton of useful information and was never pushy.
star star star star star
Naveen C., Jun, 17 2023
Mitch was awesome. He explained everything and was open and honest.
star star star star star
Mateusz S., Jun, 15 2023
Very fast and professional service. All information where provided very clearly and well explained.
star star star star star
Eric S., Jun, 15 2023
Michael was very communicative and walked us through many options. I will be recommending him
star star star star star
Amber G., Jun, 07 2023
Michael was informative without being condescending. He was not at all "pushy" and was patient in explaining the details of my coverage.
star star star star star
Charles G., May, 31 2023
Michael spent the effort to ask questions about my situation, provide a couple different solutions, and explain in depth the options so I felt I was making the best and most informed decision without feeling any pressure.
star star star star star
Paul R., May, 06 2023
You are very good and helpful.
star star star star star
Jack K., Apr, 25 2023
Michael was able to answer all our questions and quote us an amazing rate. Thank you.
star star star star star
Michelle K., Apr, 25 2023
Quick accurate and always available
star star star star star
Leticia R., Apr, 08 2023
I was very pleased with the promptness and professionalism of this company. The direct contact and personal attention to my request was very reassuring.
star star star star star
David G., Apr, 08 2023
Michael was extremely helpful and answered all of our questions in an efficient and professional manner.
star star star star star
Vijayabhaskar V., Nov, 24 2022
Michael Keifer was very interactive and customer friendly….great attitude!
star star star star star
Angela W., Nov, 14 2022
Michael is very knowledgeable about the products he represents. He is friendly and easy to work with.
star star star star star
Jean M., Nov, 11 2022
Taking the time to make sure i understood the policy was very helpful!
star star star star star
Constance M., Nov, 04 2022
Very professional and concerned attitude. I felt that my needs were their concern and they wanted to help me. I feel confident that I am making a good choice.
star star star star star
Monica E., Oct, 09 2022
They were the only insurance that took our home which unbeknownst to us is in a designated fire zone.
star star star star star
James R., Oct, 08 2022
He took the time to walk me through the coverages and was easy to deal with.

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