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The Goosehead Difference

The choice is simple. Simpler actually.

We understand the power of choice. More importantly, the benefits from making a smarter choice. Benefits like finding the right home and car insurance at the best price. That’s exactly what you get when you choose Goosehead Insurance. But that’s not all you get. You also have agents constantly ensuring you’re getting the most out of your smarter choice. Whether it’s continually comparing insurance plans, finding  you the best rates or guiding you if you need to make a claim, we’ve got you, and everything important to you, covered 24/7. After all, that’s what having insurance is all about.

Time is money. We'll save you both.

You’re busy. We get it. And the last thing you need on your list is sorting through every insurance company trying to find the best coverage for you. Which is why we had our most experienced agents analyze and compare hundreds of insurance policies, to separate the best from the rest. We then built partnerships with those who provide superior plans at competitive prices. Meaning when we’re looking for the coverage that best fits you, we have plenty to choose from.

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You want better insurance? You have two minutes?

Choice. It’s our secret weapon. Except it’s not really a secret, because absolutely anyone can harness it. Introducing our Digital Agent, our online tool that leverages our relationships with hundreds of insurance companies to build a home and auto bundle customized to fit your life perfectly. In less than two minutes, you can see for yourself what that perfect fit looks like, and how affordable it can be. We’ll also show you the other rates we shopped from top providers, so you can be confident you’re protected the way you should be at the price you deserve.

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Our top-of-the-class agents keep you top of mind.

Smarter insurance is only as smart as the people behind the policy. Yet another reason to choose Goosehead. If you ever have to exercise your policy, you want to have experts in your corner. People who know you and know your policy better than you do. There are hundreds of reasons we’re one of the fastest-growing insurance companies in the country. Talk to one of those reasons today.

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Say hello to smarter savings and service.

Want smarter insurance? Give us a call, email us, chat online, or request a call back. That’s the hardest decision you’ll have to make with us. Because once you start speaking with one of our experts, making smarter insurance decisions becomes simple.

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