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We’re always happy to give answers to your questions

At Goosehead, you can always count on us to give you an answer to any questions you may have. In fact, let’s start now.

I just signed up with Goosehead, who are they?

Goosehead is a rapidly growing independent agency known for putting you and your needs first.  We shop the market for you, to find you the right coverage at the best price. We consider ourselves your insurance concierge so for any questions or updates, just call our expert, licensed service team. Welcome to Goosehead!

Who do I call for questions about my policy?   

Our world class service team is ready for your questions once you have a new policy. Goosehead’s fully licensed agents are trained to handle almost any insurance question you might have. Got a question about billing? Want to add a new car to your policy? Need to file a claim?  

Just reach out to our service team:

Monday - Friday: 7am – 7pm, all time zones
Schedule a call here
Text: 214.838.5170
Chat us below
Email us at service@goosehead.com

Saturday: 8am – 5pm Central
Text: 214.838.5170
Chat us below
Email us at service@goosehead.com

I had an accident, what do I do?

If an unexpected accident happens, or you have damage to your home, our service team is your personal insurance concierge.  Before you call your insurance company, reach out to us. We’ll review the loss, see if a claim is your best option and advocate on your behalf throughout the entire process.   

Call our dedicated Claims Report Line at 866.260.5151 for the fastest service or visit our Claims page.

I’ve decided I need to file a claim, what now?

Let our service team file it for you!

Just be sure to contain the damage to minimize your loss. For example, if you have a water leak, shut off the water. If there’s a hole in your roof, have it covered with a tarp.  We’ll make sure your claims process is handled quickly and easily. 

My lender mailed me a notice stating I don’t have coverage, but I thought I did through Goosehead. What next?

Loans are frequently sold amongst lenders, and sometimes the paperwork is not applied correctly. Simply submit the notice to service@goosehead.com and we will take care of it for you!

My rates went up, how did this happen and how can I fix it?

A number factors can alter your policy midterm, or at renewal. Our service team can investigate any rate change, explain what happened, and act quickly to resolve the matter. If the policy no longer works for you, we can shop the market and find other options that meet your needs. Just call us!  

Reshop your insurance now: https://quotes.goosehead.com/

I received a notice from an insurance company, but I thought Goosehead was my insurance company. What should I do? 

Goosehead is your independent agent who works for you to select the right insurance coverage at the best price. While we also service you on your policies, your coverage comes from one of our top-rated insurance company partners. If they have a question about your policy, they may mail a notice directly to you. We can help! 

Email a picture of the document to service@goosehead.com or schedule a call with our team here.

Where can I find my ID cards?  

Text our Service team at 214.838.4170 or schedule a call with our team here.

My application is incorrect. Who do I contact to correct it?

Our service team handles all updates and changes to existing policies. You can reply to the application email you received and describe the updates needed or schedule a call with our team here.

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