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Renters Insurance

Get your stuff insured faster than maintenance can fix your sink.

We help renters minimize their risks—and their rates.

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Even when you don’t own a house you have so many things to protect.

You’ve worked hard for the things you have. We work hard to help you protect them. Discover the best renters insurance options for you.

All the insurance you need for everything you have.

Sure, you may not own the building. But you own what’s in it. If a fire or disaster would cause a major setback, take a close look at renters insurance. Better yet, let us do it for you. We’ve evaluated products from dozens of the most respected insurance companies to help you home in on the right policy.   

What you own

Most of the time when you're renting your space, a certain amount of liability insurance is required. But covering your own belongings is up to you. Make sure everything you’re moving in is covered, especially high-value items like your computer, jewelry and firearms.

What you risk.

Let’s say you host a party. Everyone’s having fun, but if someone gets hurt, you can be held liable for that injury. With the right liability coverage, you and your assets are protected.

What you pay.

It’ll probably surprise you how inexpensive renters insurance is. But get ready for another pleasant shocker—you might find that, if you bundle it with car insurance, it could even pay for itself.

Your landlord is responsible for insuring the home you live in, whether that is a freestanding house or an apartment. But, their insurance won’t cover your belongings, so you will need renters insurance to repair or replace your property in the event of a covered peril.
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Compare your best options in a couple of clicks.

You’re smart to be looking into renters insurance. And you’re about to be even smarter about what coverage to choose—Goosehead makes it easy!

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