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Condo Insurance

Great condo coverage. From top to bottom.

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Just the right insurance, just for condos.

Your HOA covers part of your condo. We cover the rest. Your Goosehead agent is ready to help you find the condo insurance policy that best fits your property, your lifestyle and your budget.

Get to know condo coverage Better than your neighbors.

From an insurance standpoint, high rises, townhomes and condos can be, well, a little different. HOAs cover some parts of the property, leaving other areas up to you. Your unique situation calls for your own unique coverage. By evaluating the terms and costs of dozens of the industry’s most respected insurance companies, we can help you home in on a policy that provides the coverage you need — at rates you’ll feel right at home with.

Cover what's yours

You’ve furnished your skyline view—let's help you protect it. Your condo association typically covers the exterior of your condo, but your condo insurance policy will help protect everything inside your walls.

Drip, drip, drip

Most people associate water damage with roof leaks and foundation problems. But sewer backup and slow leaks can cause serious damage — and serious expense, if not added to your policy.

A safe getaway

Is your condo a secondary home? That could make a difference in your insurance needs. Depending on whether you use it as a vacation home, a weekend getaway, or a part-time residence/part-time vacation rental, we’ll help find a policy that’s right for you. 

When you own a condo, you are responsible for the interior of your unit and any of your personal belongings inside. Condo insurance provides protection for all of those things, as well as providing personal liability coverage, loss assessment coverage, and other benefits such as living expenses coverage if you can’t live in your condo because of a covered peril.
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Get the coverage that towers above the rest.

You have a lot of options out there for insurance coverage. Fortunately, you also have Goosehead’s tech wizardry to help you compare them and find what’s best for you.

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