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Kris Lewis

License #: 4175754
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About Kris
Kris Lewis is an agent with Goosehead Insurance located in Irvine,  CA. Kris  joined Goosehead because of his unwavering commitment to take care of his clients. Using cutting edge technology to shop with dozens of "A" rated insurance companies in just a few short minutes, he is able to find the right coverage at a competitive price. He takes the time to review all of the options and customizes a policy based on the unique risks and desires of each client. After finalizing an option, Kris is backed by a service team that has the highest client loyalty rating in the industry. Request a quote from Kris and you will quickly understand why Goosehead is one of the fastest growing distributors of home and auto insurance in the United States.
States Licensed In: CA, TX, NM, NV
6528 Greenleaf Avenue, Suite 206
Irvine, CA 90601
Languages spoken:
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You probably looked at several houses before you found the right fit; why not look at home insurance the same way? Goosehead does the looking for you, and finds the policy that fits your needs and budget, without compromising coverage.
It seems like there’s as many car insurance companies out there as there are cars. Lucky for you, Goosehead looks under the hood of all those policies to find the right coverage for you and your ride. Think of us as your roadmap to better protection and better rates.
Having the right amount of protection in case of flooding is important. That’s why our Goosehead experts will do all the research for you. We’ll compare dozens of plans and choose what’s best for your residence, and your budget.
Sure, you may not own the building. But you own what’s in it. If a fire or disaster would cause a major setback, take a close look at renters insurance. Better yet, let us do it for you. We’ve evaluated products from dozens of the most respected insurance companies to help you home in on the right policy.
From an insurance standpoint, high rises, townhomes and condos can be, well, a little different. HOAs cover some parts of the property, leaving other areas up to you. We can help you find a policy that provides the coverage you need — at rates you’ll feel right at home with.
A rental property isn’t the same as a primary residence. Without proper protection, a landlord might be personally liable for damages from accidents or other events. We can help you determine the right coverage for your rental properties and compare rental property insurance quotes so you can operate with total peace of mind.
Driving a motorcycle is all about freedom. Speaking of freedom, there’s no need for you to spend end less hours of your free time comparing insurance plans. Comparing the best motorcycle policies from the best insurance companies to get you protected the way you should be protected, at the price you deserve.
Chances are you bought a boat for a little rest and relaxation. Goosehead makes shopping for boat insurance just as relaxing. Our expert agents will shop dozens of policies and find you the right protection, at the right price, that will really float your boat.
Your RV lets you escape to the open road. And with Goosehead, you can escape the usual time commitment of buying insurance. Our expert agents do the research for you, comparing dozens of policies and choosing the right protection for you and your home on wheels, all at the price you deserve.
As the saying goes, life happens. But sometimes it happens in ways we don’t expect. For all the great times, and the more difficult times, Goosehead can be there to make sure you and your family are prepared, and protected. If something happens to you, the right coverage will ensure your family is financially secure and well taken care of in your absence.
Umbrella Insurance 101
Umbrella insurance goes beyond your normal limits of liability to protect you and your family in the event of a sudden and serious situation. Relatively cheap, umbrella policies can offer additional coverage for things like injuries to others, legal fees and litigation, excessive property damage, and other personal liability situations.
Homeowners Insurance 101
You found a property you love, you managed to save a down payment, and you got approved by a lender. Now you need to find a homeowners insurance policy that meets your needs, but how do you know if a policy is the right one for you?
Auto Insurance 101
Most states require you to carry auto insurance. But how do you know if you have enough? A basic understanding will equip you with the knowledge you need to make smarter decisions when selecting your auto insurance policy. Let’s get started! 
Water Coverages Explained
Four different types of water coverage may or may not be part of your home insurance policy. Let’s look at how they could help better protect you and your family from financial burden due to various causes of water damage to your home.
Recent Reviews
Total Agency Reviews 10
star star star star star
Andrew B., May, 15 2024
Communicated well. Extremely nice. Easy to get ahold of. Made the process simple.
star star star star star
Jacqui N., May, 13 2024
I felt very comfortable talking to Chad and the service he provided, responsive to my attempt to contact him, gave detailed and easy to understand answers to my questions, and very friendly putting concerns at easy.
star star star star star
Brenda C., May, 07 2024
Our agent Chad was extremely helpful and answered all my questions promptly.
star star star star star
Dixie B., Apr, 30 2024
Chad was amazing with helping my grandmother through the process thank you very much
star star star star star
Andrew D., Apr, 30 2024
Very friendly staff and helpful in every way
star star star star star
Charles O., Apr, 21 2024
We have a property in escrow which is in a high fire zone. We had 2 different insurance agents working for 3 weeks on gaining the necessary clearances for binding insurance with no results. As escrow was now timing out, a friend recommended Chad Garrett with GooseHead Insurance. Chad obtained the necessary clearances within 2 hours! He also followed up with binding the policies over the weekend. Chad's spectacular service and knowledge base has cleaned up our escrow and earned our future business. Much appreciated.
star star star star star
Chad S., Apr, 18 2024
Chad was on my policy like a dog on a bone. He made the process simple and kept emailing me to give me a reminder and or let me know I still needed to get him some information on this or that. Bottom line........I shopped online and I got all kinds of spam and people wanting to loan me money when I just needed an insurance policy on my condo. Chad made that manageable for me. His effort and service was outstanding. Chad Stoner Bakersfield, CA
star star star star star
Jennifer R., Apr, 16 2024
Chad was the best!
star star star star star
Ricardo A., Apr, 09 2024
Still unsure about the customer service and to compare it with other insurance companies
star star star star star
Tammy L., Apr, 05 2024
Chad was fast to respond and was able to meet my requests. A pleasure to work quickly with!
star star star star star
Nina B., Mar, 23 2024
Chad is awesome! Very thorough, accommodating, answer all my questions and always prompt reply even late at night! Thank you again Chad!
star star star star star
Regina L., Mar, 21 2024
Excellent customer service with expediency
star star star star star
Yong J., Mar, 10 2024
Chad was a very responsive agent and addressed all of my questions promptly. He is very respectful and even advised me of all my related concerns about my insurance needs.
star star star star star
Christopher C., Mar, 02 2024
Great responsiveness and answered all my questions fully
star star star star star
Silvana B., Mar, 01 2024
It was easy simple , pleasant talking to Chad he made it so easy for me
star star star star star
Ralph P., Feb, 27 2024
Prompt service
star star star star star
Jeffrey O., Feb, 23 2024
Great customer service
star star star star star
Maurice L., Feb, 08 2024
It's logical
star star star star star
Ralph M., Feb, 08 2024
how I was helped to find insurance
star star star star star
Jason A., Feb, 03 2024
Ease of obtaining a quote, competitive pricing
star star star star star
Leonardo E., Feb, 02 2024
Chad was very attentive and really helped us secure policy needs. No matter the time he was always available, helpfull all while showing great care and joyful.
star star star star star
Scotty F., Feb, 01 2024
Chad was personable and easy to deal with. I got timely service and the price was reasonable.
star star star star star
Gregory L., Jan, 31 2024
He is responsive and able to help quickly.
star star star star star
Diana S., Jan, 26 2024
It was a very positive experience; he was able to assist me without telling me how no one would insure me. After speaking to other insurance agents who told me that my house was hopeless to insure, no research conducted, just what year is your house and oh sorry we can't, he was just amazing. He even found me a discount and that experience I will be telling all of my (2) friends about. :D
star star star star star
Jose M., Jan, 23 2024
We got good coverage at a good price. Our agents Chad Garrett and Kris Lewis were very knowledgeable and very helpful! Thank you!
star star star star star
Oneil M., Jan, 19 2024
Kris was very responsive and was able to get me the service I needed
star star star star star
Ha T., Nov, 24 2023
Prompt and courteous service
star star star star star
Jesus N., Nov, 22 2023
Great Service
star star star star star
Serjio M., Nov, 15 2023
Good service
star star star star star
Annemarie K., Nov, 04 2023
Chad was so professional and gave me confidence in the company, not easy to do with me, so I recommend my neighbor to him and many others in the future.
star star star star star
Joel S., Nov, 02 2023
Chad was extremely helpful throughout the process and easy to get ahold of for questions.
star star star star star
Maria T., Oct, 20 2023
Fast, helpful and efficient
star star star star star
Taylor B., Oct, 11 2023
Super helpful and friendly!
star star star star star
Lupe T., Oct, 05 2023
star star star star star
Evelyn L., Sep, 07 2023
Chad provided exemplary customer service, and he answered all of my questions that helped me to formulate the best decision possible.
star star star star star
Wendy F., Sep, 02 2023
Kris Lewis provided exemplary service. He went above and beyond to find a policy that met all my needs and fit in my budget. The process was smooth and quick. I was covered that same day. I will be using Goosehead for all my insurance needs.
star star star star star
Van T., Aug, 20 2023
I received the beat customer service for Chad.
star star star star star
Christopher D., Aug, 17 2023
Very helpful, friendly, knowledgeable and worked hard to get us an outstanding policy.
star star star star star
Nicole L., Aug, 17 2023
Chad was great! He was personable and even followed up when I forgot to call him back. Even when it seemed like we would not be going with goosehead, Chad found a way to find a better deal for us with the company we wanted to work with. He could have just let us go, but he made sure to follow up to make sure we were truly getting the best deal. Thank you Chad!
star star star star star
Kris L., Aug, 06 2023
Chad is awesome!
star star star star star
Amy C., Aug, 03 2023
Great service and very responsive, find good deals for clients
star star star star star
Dominic F., Aug, 03 2023
Great rates and Chad was super informative and professional.
star star star star star
Heleen K., Aug, 03 2023
Chad is so nice and helpful!
star star star star star
Lily A., Jul, 27 2023
Chad was quick to help and respond to request plus good rate on home insurance
star star star star star
Arturo G., Jul, 26 2023
Quick, responsive, and very informative. Smooth experience across the board
star star star star star
Edward J., Jul, 23 2023
Kris was amazing to work with! we bought a second house in Big Bear and fire insurance is not easy to get in that area..But kris got it done!
star star star star star
Nelson P., Jul, 09 2023
Very easy to get service started.
star star star star star
Roger H., Jul, 07 2023
The professionalism and personal attention to details and goals
star star star star star
Brian P., Jul, 05 2023
Excellent service, responsive and down to earth.
star star star star star
Mary M., May, 09 2023
I was given a number for insurance. I never expected after talking to him he gave my information to other people. My phone was ringing non stop. If I’m on the do not call list l don’t expect my business to be put out there.
star star star star star
Orfa G., Apr, 16 2023
Kris was knowledgeable and honest about what would be the best decision for me and my family. He took the time with me and had patience in getting the the information requested on my end.
star star star star star
Radu A., Mar, 02 2023
Kris and Chad helped us save a lot of money by switching insurance companies. They were professional and knowledgeable and we’ll definitely be telling family and friends. Thank you!
star star star star star
Janette M., Jan, 25 2023
I felt that Naoimi genuinely cared about my needs and has been doing everything in her power to get me where I need to be.
star star star star star
David Y., Dec, 16 2022
Chad’s wonderful personality
star star star star star
Margaret G., Nov, 17 2022
Great Service
star star star star star
Elias L., Oct, 25 2022
Kris and Chad answered all my questions
star star star star star
Patricia O., Oct, 24 2022
Chad was extremely knowledgeable and very responsive. Great experience with very short notice. Thanks!
star star star star star
Angelo G., Oct, 22 2022
Great rates and great customer service.

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