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Guy Wehman

License #: 883492
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About Guy
Guy Wehman is an agent with Goosehead Insurance located in Austin,  TX. Guy  joined Goosehead because of his unwavering commitment to take care of his clients. Using cutting edge technology to shop with dozens of "A" rated insurance companies in just a few short minutes, he is able to find the right coverage at a competitive price. He takes the time to review all of the options and customizes a policy based on the unique risks and desires of each client. After finalizing an option, Guy is backed by a service team that has the highest client loyalty rating in the industry. Request a quote from Guy and you will quickly understand why Goosehead is one of the fastest growing distributors of home and auto insurance in the United States.
States Licensed In: TX
11350 Four Points Dr. Suite A
Austin, TX 78726
Languages spoken:
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You probably looked at several houses before you found the right fit; why not look at home insurance the same way? Goosehead does the looking for you, and finds the policy that fits your needs and budget, without compromising coverage.
It seems like there’s as many car insurance companies out there as there are cars. Lucky for you, Goosehead looks under the hood of all those policies to find the right coverage for you and your ride. Think of us as your roadmap to better protection and better rates.
Having the right amount of protection in case of flooding is important. That’s why our Goosehead experts will do all the research for you. We’ll compare dozens of plans and choose what’s best for your residence, and your budget.
Sure, you may not own the building. But you own what’s in it. If a fire or disaster would cause a major setback, take a close look at renters insurance. Better yet, let us do it for you. We’ve evaluated products from dozens of the most respected insurance companies to help you home in on the right policy.
From an insurance standpoint, high rises, townhomes and condos can be, well, a little different. HOAs cover some parts of the property, leaving other areas up to you. We can help you find a policy that provides the coverage you need — at rates you’ll feel right at home with.
A rental property isn’t the same as a primary residence. Without proper protection, a landlord might be personally liable for damages from accidents or other events. We can help you determine the right coverage for your rental properties and compare rental property insurance quotes so you can operate with total peace of mind.
Driving a motorcycle is all about freedom. Speaking of freedom, there’s no need for you to spend end less hours of your free time comparing insurance plans. Comparing the best motorcycle policies from the best insurance companies to get you protected the way you should be protected, at the price you deserve.
Chances are you bought a boat for a little rest and relaxation. Goosehead makes shopping for boat insurance just as relaxing. Our expert agents will shop dozens of policies and find you the right protection, at the right price, that will really float your boat.
Your RV lets you escape to the open road. And with Goosehead, you can escape the usual time commitment of buying insurance. Our expert agents do the research for you, comparing dozens of policies and choosing the right protection for you and your home on wheels, all at the price you deserve.
As the saying goes, life happens. But sometimes it happens in ways we don’t expect. For all the great times, and the more difficult times, Goosehead can be there to make sure you and your family are prepared, and protected. If something happens to you, the right coverage will ensure your family is financially secure and well taken care of in your absence.
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Umbrella Insurance 101
Umbrella insurance goes beyond your normal limits of liability to protect you and your family in the event of a sudden and serious situation. Relatively cheap, umbrella policies can offer additional coverage for things like injuries to others, legal fees and litigation, excessive property damage, and other personal liability situations.
Homeowners Insurance 101
You found a property you love, you managed to save a down payment, and you got approved by a lender. Now you need to find a homeowners insurance policy that meets your needs, but how do you know if a policy is the right one for you?
Auto Insurance 101
Most states require you to carry auto insurance. But how do you know if you have enough? A basic understanding will equip you with the knowledge you need to make smarter decisions when selecting your auto insurance policy. Let’s get started! 
Water Coverages Explained
Four different types of water coverage may or may not be part of your home insurance policy. Let’s look at how they could help better protect you and your family from financial burden due to various causes of water damage to your home.
Recent Reviews
Total Agency Reviews 289
star star star star star
Bonnie Y., Mar, 23 2024
Luke Rowan was very pleasant, knowledgeable, helpful and informative to work with!
star star star star star
George E., Mar, 22 2024
I was listened to and I was helped!!! what more can you ask from an agent.
star star star star star
Brian Z., Mar, 14 2024
Luke was excellent. Very knowledge and easy to work with. He was able to quickly tailor a policy to our needs and budget.
star star star star star
Douglas B., Mar, 02 2024
Very responsive. Robert went out of his way to make sure new policies were put in place when they needed to be. He was very knowledgeable about the policies and options.
star star star star star
Federico A., Feb, 27 2024
Robert was very helpful, answered all my doubts, knowledgeable and seemed very interested in resolving my insurance problems.
star star star star star
Ellen J., Feb, 25 2024
Luke gave us a quick response and explained the comparisons very well
star star star star star
Beverly S., Feb, 23 2024
Robert was amazing and very knowledgeable. He answered all my questions and even took the time to re explain the answers I wasn't understanding. I wouldn't chose any other agent
star star star star star
Steven T., Feb, 19 2024
Robert was super helpful and took care of everything. He described all of the different coverages to me with real examples which made it very easy to understand.
star star star star star
Clinton G., Feb, 16 2024
Luke Rowan was great to work with. Informative and smooth transaction.
star star star star star
Rashid G., Feb, 15 2024
Luke was very clear in sharing his findings and what each detail of our new plans were in terms that I can understand completely. His dedication and help in speed and knowledge was wonderful and I would recommend him to all interested shoppers. Thank you Luke!
star star star star star
Andrew C., Jan, 26 2024
Robbie was easy to talk to, knowledgeable, and friendly.
star star star star star
Billy S., Jan, 16 2024
Robert is a great communicator and business man taking time too, and addressing questions and concerns. Lovely experience
star star star star star
Troy A., Jan, 13 2024
Thorough, informative
star star star star star
Gina C., Dec, 19 2023
Excellent customer service!
star star star star star
Sarah K., Dec, 06 2023
Excellent service
star star star star star
Jo a., Nov, 23 2023
The broker was professional and helpful answering questions and offering explanations as to the best options for our needs
star star star star star
Denise B., Nov, 14 2023
Luke Rowan was very professional and thorough with finding the best product for our short term rental.
star star star star star
Charles T., Nov, 03 2023
Mr. Farish followed up with us a dozen times as we took several months to finally get homeowbers insurance. Our previous agency was terrible about returning calls and emails.
star star star star star
Jeffrey T., Oct, 31 2023
Robbie did a great job of getting us several quotes and then making sure we understood the differences, pros & cons…
star star star star star
Brooke M., Oct, 19 2023
Luke was very responsive, found Insurance policies that had more coverage and saved me over $1800 car my car and home insurance (yearly)!
star star star star star
Talia N., Oct, 17 2023
Our Agent, Luke took the time to break down and compare coverages in a palatable and comprehensive way which is something we've never experienced with a broker. We feel 100% confident in our coverage elections and the ongoing management of our policy, under his care.
star star star star star
Luz A., Oct, 12 2023
Robert was so informative and helpful when discussing the insurance quote he had given me! He went above and beyond to make sure I understood everything and all my answers were answered especially as a first time home buyer who was new to home insurance. One of the main reasons I chose to do business with him was due to his customer service
star star star star star
Tanner J., Oct, 08 2023
Luke was quick to respond and very helpful!
star star star star star
Herwin G., Sep, 16 2023
Really liked the experience with Luke
star star star star star
Mindy W., Sep, 15 2023
Amazing customer service!! We appreciate you so much!
star star star star star
Jason W., Sep, 13 2023
Robert Farish was very knowledgeable regarding our Homeowners insurance policy and was able to get us set up in time to close on our new home. Great service and constantly kept us up to date on what he needed and progress.
star star star star star
Loraine T., Aug, 12 2023
Luke was so kind and patient ! He Answered all my questions and explained what I didn't understand! His expertise is beyond compare and was the very thing I needed to get great policies at a very competitive price!
star star star star star
Sarah M., Aug, 09 2023
Luke is exceptional. He patiently walked me through each step, explained each step, patiently answered all my questions, and saved me a lot of money. His warm demeanor and charming personality are added pluses.
star star star star star
Sharon M., Jul, 27 2023
Robert Farish intelligent, knows his trade, and efficient. He walked me through each choice I had to make. I learned to trust him almost immediately. I feel I’m in good hands with Robert.
star star star star star
James P., Jul, 27 2023
Knowledgeable, informative, engaged
star star star star star
Timothy B., Jul, 25 2023
Excellent service by Luke Rowan, he is the reason why I switched
star star star star star
Garrett J., Jul, 10 2023
Luke was extremely proactive in getting back to me and getting questions answered right away. I also appreciate the way he laid out the pros and cons of different overages and around the decision to file a claim or not in different situations.
star star star star star
Ryan M., Jul, 05 2023
Robert was very thorough with explaining each aspect of the insurance policies we were unfamiliar with and helped us process how best we can protect our assets. He was very patient with us and took the extra time to explain what our current policies covered and what he would recommend for not only his own clients, but for his own coverage.
star star star star star
Kailey P., Jun, 28 2023
Robert found us significantly better options in time for us to close on a new home. His response time and attention to detail saved the day compared to quotes we had received from another broker. We are in better hands and feel confident closing on our new home :)
star star star star star
Brooke B., Jun, 14 2023
Robert was so easy to work with and very knowledgeable! He saved me a LOT of money on my auto policies!
star star star star star
Dimitrios P., Jun, 08 2023
Luke was responsive, knowledgeable and friendly.
star star star star star
Benedict Y., Jun, 05 2023
Luke was incredibly responsive and helpful, and sought to understand our particular situation before finding a policy that fit best with our circumstances.
star star star star star
Lynn L., Jun, 02 2023
Fast service from Guy who was very knowledgeable and helpful.
star star star star star
Oscar M., Jun, 02 2023
Good service
star star star star star
Ruben M., Jun, 01 2023
Robert Farish, provided excellent insight into insurance needed. I was able to make an informed decision on home insurance. Thank you. Ruben
star star star star star
John G., May, 31 2023
Luke was great. Spent time with me and explained the policy options very well.
star star star star star
Kasha G., May, 31 2023
Luke spent a great deal of time with me and was very good at explaining the policy options.
star star star star star
Samuel F., May, 30 2023
I don’t have Goosehead insurance, so I can’t answer the question
star star star star star
Michaela A., May, 30 2023
Robert went above and an beyond. He educated us on everything we we were unsure of and truly made us feel comfortable and supported throughout everything. He made this process very seamless and I will definitely be referring him out to friends and family.
star star star star star
Ruben D., May, 10 2023
From the first call to the last the response / return time for questions and options was amazing. Well done! Luke Rowan did a great job in explaining very thoroughly the options we have on our Home / Auto , and Umbrella coverage. I appreciated his attention to detail, and again the quick turnaround as extraordinary. We will recommend Goosehead to others looking for insurance needs. Keep up the good work!
star star star star star
Brian S., May, 08 2023
I think what I like best was our salesperson Luke. He started by listening, then asking questions. Took the time to compare and contrast our current policies. Identified holes and concerns. Then put together a full comprehensive package that protected us. Simply heads and shoulders above our current 10 year agent. Thank you Luke.
star star star star star
Brian S., May, 08 2023
Luke Rowan's attention to details and weighing risks for us. Impressive.
star star star star star
Ryan S., May, 03 2023
Guy was a great rep. and very helpful.
star star star star star
Jessica R., Apr, 28 2023
Timely and great customer service!!
star star star star star
Gloria S., Apr, 27 2023
Luke responded quickly to my inquiry about new insurance, and contacted me the following day with new quotes. Very efficient, friendly and great customer service!
star star star star star
Jerold K., Apr, 27 2023
Shanna is very knowledgeable and was very quick to respond to all of my questions and concerns. Looking forward to working with her regarding my insurance needs moving forward. Jerry
star star star star star
Travis W., Apr, 26 2023
Luke was extremely helpful and knowledgeable!
star star star star star
Terence M., Apr, 25 2023
Luke Rowan was great to work with and made the process very easy.
star star star star star
Lauren M., Apr, 20 2023
Luke was great to work with. He went above and beyond for us explaining everything thoroughly. Would highly recommend working with Goosehead and Luke!
star star star star star
Wesley S., Apr, 20 2023
While I do like the service provided, recommending to someone I know that they spend 200 for an insurance broker, does cause hesitation.
star star star star star
Tyson W., Apr, 11 2023
Luke is always able to find the best policies and he does so quickly and professionally.
star star star star star
Rudy A., Apr, 11 2023
Great customer service
star star star star star
Laurie A., Apr, 11 2023
We received a reasonable quote in a timely manner with good advice.
star star star star star
Melanie T., Apr, 05 2023
super friendly, fast and made everything easy for us
star star star star star
Jill S., Mar, 20 2023
Luke Rowan took time to explain everything in great detail and to answer all questions. He probably took more time than any agent I have ever worked with. He was able to explain things in terms that were clear and concise. I felt like he was very honest with his assessments: even when it might not have been totally favorable in terms of price. It ended up saving us several hundred dollars. Luke followed up very promptly each time I contacted him.
star star star star star
Ramiro S., Mar, 14 2023
Super helpful and easy
star star star star star
Wilma E., Mar, 10 2023
Quick response and turnaround to questions and rquests.
star star star star star
Jose C., Mar, 08 2023
Luke had all the info I needed. Thanks Luke.
star star star star star
Anna P., Mar, 08 2023
Very responsive and great in terms of explaining details and making recommendations based on my unique needs.
star star star star star
Anthony S., Feb, 22 2023
Knowledgeable, professional, and good rates.
star star star star star
Kaitlin A., Feb, 13 2023
Luke was very friendly and helpful. He recommended a great bundle and saved us a lot of money. He was also just a pleasure to work with.
star star star star star
Dane S., Feb, 07 2023
Very helpful
star star star star star
Amy H., Feb, 06 2023
Luke was very responsive and extremely helpful navigating all my options!
star star star star star
Matthew E., Feb, 01 2023
Luke was super knowledgable and I felt like he was really focused on getting me the best coverage / value. He was very responsive and helped me navigate an insurance change that will net me over $1K in savings
star star star star star
Ingrid M., Jan, 30 2023
Very informative, and knowledgeable
star star star star star
Devina M., Jan, 27 2023
I gave the highest score possible due to working with Robert (Robbie) Farish. He came highly recommended from a friend/mortgage broker and I can see why. He immediately responded to my email request, kept in constant quick contact with me and even thanked me when I said I would stay with my previous carrier. Well, after the failed conversation for attaining home insurance with my other carrier, I contacted Robbie again. He was extremely prompt, courteous, professional, and explained in greater detail than anyone I had spoken with at the other carrier. That brought great ease to both myself and my husband during the phone conversation we had with Robbie. We couldn't be more pleased with his service! We look forward to working with him and Goosehead from now on.
star star star star star
Jennifer L., Jan, 24 2023
Luke was very helpful in our home buying process, helping us identify an affordable home insurance policy that provided the quality of coverage we needed. He was always very quick and responsive and took the time to give us a detailed run through of everything the policy covered and how it compared with the other quotes we received.
star star star star star
Lee-Christian B., Dec, 17 2022
Extremely helpful
star star star star star
Rose H., Nov, 14 2022
Among the various brokers I contacted, Robert was the only broker who contacted me personally and took the time to go through the policy quote in detail, and was able to answer all of my questions.
star star star star star
Kimberly S., Nov, 09 2022
Luke Rowan
star star star star star
Katherine G., Nov, 03 2022
Luke was very communicative, and explained all of the ins and outs of homeowners insurance very well to me, a first-time homebuyer. Would highly recommend!
star star star star star
Christopher C., Oct, 20 2022
Great proactive service! I was able to let Goodsehead do their work, and I trust in the solutions they provide.

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