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Resume tips to ensure

you stand out.

Our hiring managers review thousands of resumes a year.  Here's what catches our attention and elevates inquiries to interviews:


  • Keep it simple and be consistent with your design and font. Whether it’s being reviewed by a human or computer, you have about five seconds to engage the reader’s attention. 
  • Keep to one page. If you run out of space, eliminate the oldest and most irrelevant content.
  • Submit in PDF format.

Order of information

  • The most important portion of the resume is the first three sections: Contact information, education, and work experience. After that, the order is more flexible. 
  • Example: 
    • Contact Information
    • Education 
    • Work Experience (most recent at the top) 
    • College involvement/leadership, community involvement 
    • Skills/Other

Who Are You?

  • The top of your resume should be a quick summary of accurate contact information, specifically name, personal email, and phone number.
  • Education: List graduation date, highest degree level, major and GPA if you’ve graduated in the past 5 years (give or take) 
  • Upcoming graduates: include the estimated month and year of graduation date. If you funded any portion of your degree notate that here.
  • Include URL for LinkedIn Profile (not required, but helpful)

Results vs responsibilities

  • Keep it brief, in bullet point format. Three to five bullets per position. 
  • Always list results and data, where possible, instead of responsibilities held. We want to see how good you were at a job, not simply that you held one.
  • Use action verbs that demonstrate achievement.

How important is relative work experience?

  • Having relevant work experience is always a plus but might not be possible for new college graduates, young professionals, or tenured professionals switching industries. 
  • Most employers want to see demonstrated work ethic and results, regardless of the industry or job type.

What NOT to do

  • Don’t write paragraphs of experience.
  • Avoid unique colors, fonts, and graphic designs. Stick to standard professional formats. 
  • Recent college graduates: avoid including work experience before college.
  • Don’t forget to proofread, especially if you are customizing a resume to a company.
Need a Visual?
Our collegiate partners at the Texas A&M Career Center provide additional guidance.

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