Trampolines and Pools

Trampolines and pools are synonymous with summer fun, but they also come with their own risks, notably injuries. Homeowners insurance policies may cover these items, but it's essential to check if additional liability coverage is needed. Accidents can happen, and without proper coverage, you could be on the hook for medical bills or legal fees if someone is injured on your property.

These recreational staples may not be the only items increasing the premium on your home. Learn more about unexpected factors that affect the cost of your home insurance.

Boats are significant investments that require protection beyond standard homeowners insurance. Boat insurance typically covers damage to the boat itself as well as liability for injuries or damages caused by you or someone else while operating the vessel. Policies can vary widely, so consider the type of boat, where you'll be using it, and what coverage best suits your needs.

All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) are all about exploring the great outdoors, but they're not without risks. Many states require ATV insurance, especially if you plan to ride on public land. While states may not require insurance on private property, it is beneficial to have coverage, as accidents can happen on both private and public land. ATV insurance can include coverage for damage to the vehicle, liability for damage or injuries caused to others, and even theft. Given these vehicles' off-road nature, and risk of injuries, both liability and comprehensive coverage is a smart move.

RVs are homes on wheels, blending the thrill of travel with the comfort of home. RV insurance combines elements of auto and home insurance, covering you on the road and at your temporary home away from home. Coverage can include collision, liability, personal property, and even roadside assistance.

Choosing the Right Coverage

When insuring your seasonal summer toys, consider the following:

  • Assess the Value: Ensure your coverage reflects the item's current value to avoid underinsurance.

  • Understand the Policy: Know what's covered and what's not. For example, some boat policies might not cover certain types of watercraft or specific marine-related risks.

  • Liability Coverage: Don't skimp on liability coverage. Accidents involving your summer toys can result in significant legal and medical costs.

  • Shop Around: Insurance policies vary by provider. Work with an insurance agent and shop around to find the best coverage at the most competitive rate.

Securing Additional Insurance for Liability Concerns

With all summer toys, accidents can happen on your property. If you’re child is driving their friend around your land on an ATV and the friend gets tossed from the vehicle and injured, their family may hold you liable for the injury. The same scenarios play out for boats, pools, and trampolines if friends or family get hurt on your property.

This is why umbrella insurance is so critical. The policies on your home and summer toys may only cover liability claims up to a certain dollar amount, which may be only a fraction of what you owe if an incident happens. Umbrella insurance begins at $1,000,000 in coverage on top of what your home and vehicle policies provide, ensuring additional peace of mind should something go awry.

By adequately insuring your summer fun items, you protect not only your investments but also yourself and others. Have a thorough conversation with your agent about your assets to make sure you're covered this season.

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