Bundling is recommended by most insurance professionals because doing so will typically result in significant savings on one or both of the policies. A Bundling Discount, sometimes called a Companion Policy Discount, can easily qualify you for savings of up to 20% on your home and auto insurance. Additional benefits to bunding are:

  1. Simplicity - Having all of your insurance policies in one brokerage is a surefire way to make buying and managing your insurance policies a lot simpler. Think about the number of conversations and touchpoints that are required to maintain insurance. You have to speak to an agent to purchase the policy or make changes, you have to make payments each month or year depending on your plan, and at some point, you are bound to have questions that you may have to call in to have answered. Having one central point of contact that can access both your home and auto insurance can cut the time you spend on these tasks in half since all the info lies in one place.
  2. Expanded Coverage Options - Some companies will offer perks to clients who bundle their home and auto insurance. This can include things like a single deductible for claims that involve both the home and auto policy, or even options to choose lower deductibles for folks who bundle. Overall, insurance companies prefer to have your home and auto insurance together, so they will usually try to make it worth your while.
  3. Full Disclosure For Your Insurance Agent - Your insurance agent can do the best job at protecting you and your family if they know the full scope of your insurance needs. Having your agent in the loop on the coverages, premiums, benefits, etc. of both policies will make it less likely that you are left with gaps in your coverage.
While bundling may seem like a no-brainer, millions of Americans still have their home and auto insurance with separate companies. Loyalty and fear of change are two of the biggest reasons that people continue to deal with the hassle of working with multiple companies. Here are a few insurance shopping tips that can help you to keep your policies with a single agent and company:
  1. Independent Agents - Independent Insurance Agents are agents who do not represent a single insurance company. This means that they can shop around for you to find the best option. These agents will be able to shop with your best interest in mind and focus on finding policies that work well together. They may find home and auto insurance policies with the same company, or they may be able to mix and match by finding policies with companies that play well together and offer inclusive bundling discounts.
  2. Focus on Total Cost - Don’t fall for the trap of simply choosing the best-priced company for your auto insurance and the best-priced company for your home insurance. This may seem like a good idea, but over time, you may end up paying more in total. Look at the overall price you will be paying annually for home and auto insurance and choose the best bundle price.
  3. Always Shop the Bundle - Insurance premiums typically change each renewal, and this triggers a lot of people to search for a different insurance company. If you experience a surge in premium, it makes sense to shop around, but be sure to shop for a new bundle as opposed to shopping for a single line. So if you decide to switch your auto insurance to a different company, know that if you have a bundle discount on the home, that will drop off since it is no longer bundled. If your auto insurance premium increases by $400 per year, reach out to your agent to try and find a new home and auto bundle that will give you a lower total cost.
We all have to spend the time and money to keep home and auto insurance. Choosing the company and agent who will represent you and give you the coverage you need can be stressful and time-consuming. Bundling your home and auto insurance with a single insurance agent will typically make this process a lot smoother and less expensive. To be sure that you are making the most out of your bundling options, find yourself a quality independent insurance agent, focus on the total cost of the home and auto insurance, and always shop home and auto insurance together.

Finding an insurance bundle doesn't always mean using the same insurance carrier for both home and auto. Our agents at Goosehead can find you the best policy combination for your needs.

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