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We don’t think we just do insurance differently; we think we do it better, and that takes the right team. We may be a bit choosy with who we hire, but it’s because our culture is important to us – we believe it’s paramount to giving our clients the best service and experience possible. If you're ready to lead the charge to a better way to insure, we want you here. Click here to view available positions

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Uncompromising Integrity

“Uncompromising Integrity in All We Do” is one of our operating principles, and it guides our every move. We’re committed to doing everything from sales to service at the highest possible standards, even when no one is watching. We know they will be soon enough.

Unparalleled Client Experience

We work tirelessly to deliver our industry-leading experience to each one of our clients. We advise their needs, place coverage, and stand ready to serve them, giving our clients the best knowledge, protection, and experience in the industry.

Servant Leadership

Our approach to leading the pack is to focus solely on the needs of our clients, partners, and coworkers. Period. We will never prioritize our needs over theirs.

Commitment to Excellence

Everyone on our team is completely incapable of ever being complacent. We will continue to tirelessly raise the bar and set new standards for the best experience possible for our customers.  


At Goosehead, our team understands that nothing is given, everything is earned. All opportunities are entirely based on performance.

Relentless Innovation

Not only do we not settle for the status quo, we ignore it completely. We’re always thinking bigger and finding new ways to improve our clients and partners experience.

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Introduce ourselves.

Since 2003, Goosehead Insurance has been changing the face of the insurance industry and making the search for great coverage a piece of cake. We’re committed to finding the best possible policies and rates, and that starts with our team. Every one of our agents is a licensed insurance broker and the best at what they do. And since we partner simultaneously with the best insurance companies, Goosehead finds clients the right coverage and the best value.  

We're changing the insurance game

from coast to coast.

Goosehead has plans to have a physical presence in all 50 states. Most recently, the company has completed a brand-new headquarters in Westlake, TX. The sprawling campus includes, amongst other things, gorgeous works of art, plenty of natural light, open concept workstations, and a conglomerate of cool spaces for innovative collaboration.

We work hard. We play hard.


We don’t use the word “team” lightly – we work together as a true unit. And that means not only supporting each other in the office. Goosehead employees work together towards a common growth goal, and frequently become roommates, gym-partners, running-mates and friends. We enjoy each other’s company, and never tire of meeting up for a night on the town, volunteering in our communities, or just carpooling to work.  

Job Openings

Systems Analyst >

Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

Westlake, TX

Quality Auditor >

Westlake, TX

Full Stack Developer >

Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

Westlake, TX

Systems Administrator >

Westlake, TX

Recruiting Coordinator >

Westlake, TX

Data Analyst >

Westlake, TX

Administrative Service Agent >

Westlake, TX

Salesforce Developer >

Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

Westlake, TX

Service Agent >

Las Vegas, NV

Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

San Antonio, TX

Westlake, TX

Franchise Sales >

Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

Westlake, TX

Quality Assurance Engineer >

Westlake, TX

Accounts Payable Specialist >

Westlake, TX

Account Executive >

Columbus, OH

Charlotte, NC

Chicago, IL

Denver, CO

Las Vegas, NV

Austin, TX

Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

Houston, TX

Las Colinas, TX

Memorial City, TX

San Antonio, TX

Westlake, TX

The Woodlands, TX

Corporate Offices

Revolutionizing the insurance business

inside and out.

We’ve worked hard to earn the trust of our clients, so we’re more than a bit selective when it comes to hiring new people. If you think you have what it takes to grow with our company, we would love to meet you. 

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